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Small bags for storing reusable sanitary pads, medium ones for diapers, and large ones are perfect for example for the pool. But in reality, each of us will find our favorite use for our versatile bags.

Sewn from waterproof, soft PUL fabric, available in many beautiful patterns to choose from.

Diaper bags offered by are practical accessories that are perfect for parents looking for ecological and convenient solutions for diaper storage.

1. Small Bags: are waterproof and odor-proof. They measure 15x18 cm and are ideal for storing several sanitary pads or nursing inserts, or even one diaper. They are sewn from Polish materials and can be machine washed.

2. Medium Bags: are also waterproof and odor-proof. They measure 42x30 cm and can hold about 6 diapers with inserts. They are made from waterproof PUL material and are zippered for convenience. Like the smaller versions, they can be machine washed.

3. Large Bags: measuring 50x55 cm, are especially useful for storing dirty diapers in the bathroom or while traveling. The large bag is made from internally laminated PUL material, making it waterproof and odor-proof. It is zippered and can be machine washed.

All these bags are reusable and replace single-use plastic bags, contributing to the reduction of the ecological footprint. With various sizes and designs, every parent can find a product tailored to their needs. These bags are not only practical and comfortable to use but also aesthetically pleasing, adding an extra charm.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Training pants work well. Made up to my measurements. Lovely colourful patterns on the covers.
Amazing service & product also