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The shop offers a wide selection of products for urinary incontinence for both women and men, catering to various degrees of incontinence. From light conditions requiring just inserts to more severe cases where waterproof underwear or diapers are useful. The underwear is recommended for independent individuals, while the diapers are suited for bedridden persons. All products for urinary incontinence available in the store are reusable and machine washable, providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for managing incontinence.

In our store you will find a large selection of urinary incontinence products for both women and men. From light incontinence, where inserts are enough, to heavier, where waterproof panties or diapers will be useful. We recommend panties for self-dependent people and diapers for bedridden people. All our urinary incontinence products are reusable and machine washable.

Many otherwise healthy, active people suffer from urinary incontinence. With millions of people suffering from urinary incontinence, the erroneous belief that urinary incontinence is mainly a geriatric problem is disappearing. Without first-hand experience, it's hard to imagine the devastating impact that urinary incontinence can have on a person's life. We believe that getting high-quality, reusable urinary incontinence products should be easy and hassle-free. We are committed to providing economical and durable products that provide our customers with the best possible value.

IdoSell Trusted Reviews
4.80 / 5.00 1199 reviews
IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Top-notch customer service! The staff answered many questions and directed me to the best product for my needs. The pull-up trainer is excellent and I plan to order more.
Very good product.