Job Ad - Sweden

Our company was established in 2012 in Poland, having been a leading manufacturer of cloth diapers ever since.
We offer a wide range of diapers, inserts and other reusable articles for babies and mothers - all of them well appreciated by our customers.
At the moment we want to open an online shop in Sweden but we need someone to help us with it!
If you’re interested in a part-time job you can do from your own home - keep on reading.
What skills do you need to have?
- very good English
- easy writing style - there will be a lot of writing
- knowledge of social media
- basic graphic skills (creating simple banners)
- excellent self-organization
- self-reliance
- experience in customer service 
- I hope you have kids and therefore hands-on experience!
What you will be responsible for:
First part of the job will be to translate our website (descriptions of most of the goods) from English to Swedish
When it’s done and the shop is up and running, you will be:
- communicating with customers - in Swedish
- writing articles for our blog
- running our social media: Facebook and Instagram
- translating some short texts for our website, e.g. news, description of new products
Why work for us?
- flexible working hours
- salary XXX
- you'll learn a lot about online sales, marketing, running social media
Want to apply?
Please send us your CV and a few words about yourself. We are most interested in your experience. Please send us a sample of your writing (in Swedish; it would be nice if you could send us a sample of your translation, e.g. this product; but it can be any other professional text). 
We will contact all candidates and some of you will be invited to talk to us on Skype.
Should you have any questions, please contact us at 
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