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Diaper inserts - comparison


Very often we are asked about the size, use and purpose of individual diaper inserts. The choice of inserts on the market is huge, but each of them has specific properties and a different purpose. Inserts can be divided into several groups, depending on those criteria:

1) material from which they are sewn:

  • microfiber
  • bamboo with the addition of polyester
  • bamboo-cotton
  • cotton - tetra and tetra inserts

2) due to the way of use:

  • used in pockets - all inserts except fitted diapers
  • used in covers - everything fits
  • pull-ups - you need an insert that will "hold on" to the child on its own, i.e. it can be a fitted or tetra fastened with a snappi diaper fastener

3) depending on the size:

  • boosters - these are additional inserts that increase absorbency, they cannot be used alone
  • small (S) - newborn
  • medium (M)
  • large (L)


The properties of diaper inserts primarily depend on the material from which they were sewn.

1. Bamboo inserts - made of terry or bamboo fabric and additives, they are extremely absorbent and quickly absorb moisture. We recommend bamboo inserts especially to those children who have very sensitive skin and do not tolerate microfiber, coolmax or microfleece, or who have a tendency to frequent dermatitis. Remember, however, that bamboo dries longer than microfiber due to its absorbency, so we need a few extra inserts in case the laundry does not dry on cold or rainy days. Bamboo terry has a slightly creamy color, washes well, does not pill and remains soft and delicate for a long time thanks to the addition of 20% cotton (very absorbent natural insert) or 20% polyester (bamboo terry insert). 100% bamboo without a tumble dryer would become stiff, so we use additives to it. Bamboo also has the advantage that it does not get greasy, like cotton, so it does not lose absorbency under the influence of skin creams. In the case of natural inserts, it is extremely important that they are washed at 60 degrees due to the large number of layers in the insert - the high temperature thoroughly disinfects the inserts also in the innermost layers. Temp of 40 degrees + sanitizer might not deal with bacteria in the long run.


2. Microfiber inserts - The great advantage of microfiber inserts is the very short drying time, they are reliable even on rainy days, when no laundry wants to dry, we do not have a tumble dryer or enough radiators. It is clearly thicker than bamboo and yet lighter. If we decide to use microfiber inserts in the cover, we recommend buying inserts with a layer of microfleece or a microfiber insert with an additional Dry Bum fleece insert. However, it should be mentioned here that microfiber wears out faster than bamboo due to frequent washing, it turns gray and stiffens a bit. In addition, after some time, microfiber may require additional care treatments, i.e. degreasing to increase absorbency, which is called stripping - getting rid of residues. (How to do stripping you can read here)


3. Cotton inserts - made of Polish tetra, they feel wet just like bamboo, which is useful during potty training


Flat cotton diapers: We still use them, they work great for a newborn when there are a lot of diaper changes during the day. You can fold it into a rectangle or origami and then fasten it with a snappi.
Ready origami: for those who do not like to fold it every time :)
Long tetra insert: 6 layers of 140 gsm unbleached chlorine tetra provides relatively quick drying compared to other natural refills


4) depending on the shape:

short - the simplest, they do not require folding, we just put them inside a pocket or cover

long - folded in half or into 3 parts at the front, and into 2 at the back, depending on the needs:

prefolds - inserts in the shape of a square, which can be folded into 3 parts; they dry faster than regular inserts

fitted diapers - a diaper "formed" in the shape of panties, adjustable with snaps. It is the inner absorbent part of the diaper, just like all inserts. It requires putting on a cover or pull-ups, which are a waterproof layer.

boosters - additional smaller inserts that are placed under a larger insert to increase absorbency. In Pupus you will find bamboo boosters and EVO boosters, which is a very thin but absorbent material.

If our child grows out of newborn inserts, they will not go for nothing, we can use them as an additional insert (booster) for an older child and even as an additional insert for training pants during potty training.

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