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Washing instructions for cloth diapers.

Washing instructions for cloth diapers.

Before First Use

  1. Prepping the Diapers: New diapers and bamboo inserts should be washed several times before first use to increase their absorbency. Typically, 3-5 washes are sufficient.

Daily Washing

  1. Removing Solids: Remove all solid waste into the toilet. Use a diaper sprayer if necessary to rinse off residues.

  2. Storing: Store soiled diapers in a dedicated diaper pail or waterproof diaper bag. Do not soak.

  3. Prewash: Perform a short prewash cycle without detergent in cold water to remove residues.

  4. Main Wash: Wash in a full cycle using a moderate amount of cloth diaper-friendly detergent. Avoid softeners and bleach.

  5. Water Temperature: Use warm water (up to 40°C) for PUL and bamboo materials.

  6. Rinsing: Ensure diapers are thoroughly rinsed to remove any detergent residue.


  1. Sun Drying: Air drying outdoors in the sun is best, as the sun naturally bleaches and sanitizes.

  2. Dryer: If using a dryer, set it on a low or medium heat setting. High temperatures can damage the PUL.

Additional Tips

  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Do not use bleaches or chlorine-based cleaners as they can damage the PUL material and bamboo inserts.
  • Frequent Washing: It's recommended not to leave dirty diapers for more than 2-3 days.
  • Hand Washing: If hand washing, handle the material gently to avoid damaging its structure.

Following these guidelines will help maintain the condition and efficiency of your reusable diapers for a long time. Remember, regular and proper washing is key to maintaining hygiene and effectiveness of the diapers.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Very good product.
I´m happy with the diapers, but a bit surprised by the small sizes. Fortunately I ordered the next size I need for my baby, so they fit now. I appreciate the quality of the diapers and the delivery went well.